14K Rose Gold Rainbow Moonstone Moon Face Diamond Ring 10mm
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14K Rose Gold Rainbow Moonstone Moon Face Diamond Ring 10mm

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This hand carved rainbow moonstone, has a moon face etched onto the surface. This ring is set in solid 14 karat rose gold with diamonds around the rainbow moonstone.

Total diamond weight is 0.28 carats.

Rainbow moonstone is 10mm in diameter.

Each Rainbow moonstone contains natural inclusions creating one of a kind, beautiful character to each ring


Intriguingly, legends from various traditions around the world, including Buddhism and Native American folklore, recount the tale of a rabbit that lives on the moon. This shared myth may reflect common interpretations of markings on the lunar surface—an alternate take on the fabled “man in the moon.”

Selene/Luna (Greek and Roman)

These are the names of the Moon Goddess in Greek and Roman mythology, respectively. In the myths associated with these goddesses, the goddess is paired with the god of the sun (Helios in Greek mythology, Sol in Roman mythology). He travels throughout the day, and she takes over the journey at night. She is typically considered to be a passionate goddess who takes many lovers and who represents the desire associated with the moon.