14K White Gold Alexandrite Ring 0.87ct
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14K White Gold Alexandrite Ring 0.87ct

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This 3mm, 14K white gold ring features 0.87 carat of natural alexandrite, one of the rarest gems on earth. Alexandrite is the birthstone of June. This half eternity band has seven alexandrite stones.

Alexandrite is the color-change variety of the mineral chrysoberyl. Green by Day. Alexandrite is bluish green in daylight or fluorescent light. Red by Night. Alexandrite is purplish red in incandescent light or candlelight.

Alexandrite was initially discovered in the 1830s, in the emerald mines of the Ural Mountains of Russia. The bright green stone was at first mistaken for emerald, until the sun went down. In the light of candles, its greenish hue vanished and a bright purplish-red took its place.
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