14K Yellow Gold Ancient Coin Pendant (Q. Titius 90 BC)
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14K Yellow Gold Ancient Coin Pendant (Q. Titius 90 BC)

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This authentic ancient coin dates back to 90 BC, from the Roman Empire. The front of the coin features the head of the god of wine and viticulture, Bacchus. The back is flying pegasus. The coin is set in a 18K yellow gold bezel, and comes on a 22 inch 14K yellow gold beaded chain. This is a one of a kind authentic silver coin! The pendant measures 19mm.

Bacchus is the Romand embodiment of the Greek god, Dionysus. Romans identified Bacchus as the "Free Father" of the Liberalia festival, patron of viniculture, wine and male fertility, and guardian of the traditions, rituals and freedoms attached to coming of age and citizenship.

As for the pegasus, the great winged horse comes to us from Roman and Greek mythology, known for the attributes and symbolic powers of improvements in fortune and wealth, as well as being a good omen for new opportunities.