Ancient Coin Pendant (Ancient Greece Ephesus 387-289 BC)
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Ancient Coin Pendant (Ancient Greece Ephesus 387-289 BC)

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This authentic coin dates from 387-289 BC from Greece. This ancient coin depicts a bee and a stag on on both sides of the coin. The stag is the sacred animal of Artemis and is often depicted on Ephesos's coinage, because the city was cult center of the godess. The coin is set in solid sterling silver and hangs on a 22 inch sterling silver chain.

This ancient silver coin comes from the city of Ephesus, sometimes spelled Ephesos. Many of the coins from this famous city use a 'bee and stag' theme. Ephesus was a city in Asia Minor (Turkey today) that played a significant role in early civilizations, with ruins dating back to the Bronze Age (3000 BC to 600 BC), and included contributions to ancient Greek and Roman empires, and ending finally in the 1400s AD.