Ancient Coin Pendant (Apollonia Pontika Drachms "Medusa" 350B.C)
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Ancient Coin Pendant (Apollonia Pontika Drachms "Medusa" 350B.C)

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This authentic ancient coin dates back to 450-350B.C., from ancient Greece. The face of the coin is named "Medusa", showing the face of medusa with her tongue out, and hair depicted as snakes. The coin is set in sterling silver, and comes on a 26 inch curb chain. This is a one of a kind authentic silver coin!

Gorgons were especially popular motifs for early Greek coinage, as superstition held that the Aegis (Medusa's head mounted to a shield) would ward off the Evil Eye among other calamities. This is an early representation, showing the gorgon as a primitive monster; over time she morphed into a figure of beguiling and dangerous beauty.