Ancient Coin Pendant (Multan India 702-800A.D.)
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Ancient Coin Pendant (Multan India 702-800A.D.)

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This authentic ancient coin dates back from 702-800A.D., from the Multan region of Old India. This part of the world now resides within Pakistan. This silver coin is 12mm in diameter set in silver and it comes on a 22 inch oxidized silver chain. This coin is 12mm in size. 
This is a one-of-a-kind, authentic artifact.

An exceedingly ancient city in the Punjab. In ancient times Multan was known as "The House of Gold" and was the main religious center for a popular Indian solar cult centered around the god Aditya. Alexander the Great's quest to conquer the world finished at Multan as he was defeated here and could not re-establish his forces to go further east.