Ancient Coin Pendant (Mysore Rupee 1747-1787)
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Ancient Coin Pendant (Mysore Rupee 1747-1787)

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This magnificent coin from 1747-1787A.D. in the kingdom of Mysore is solid copper, and a truly unique artifact. Measuring 11x14mm, this is a fragment of a copper rupee from southern india. This one of a kind artifact is hand bezel set in 22 inch black oxidized silver chain.

One of the oldest Hindu kingdoms of southern India, Mysore was built on the remnants of the mighty Vijaynagar Kingdom. The most famous dynasty which ruled Mysore is Wodeyar's but the first Muslim ruler of Mysore was King Haider Ali. He was succeeded by his son Tipu Sultan whose fight against the British glorified the history of Karnataka. After the defeat of Tipu Sultan, the throne was given again to the old ruling family of Mysore ‘Wodeyar’s, and Krishnaraja Wodeyar was installed on the Mysore throne.