Ancient Coin Pendant (Roman Juno/Griffin 79B.C.)
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Ancient Coin Pendant (Roman Juno/Griffin 79B.C.)

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This authentic ancient coin dates back to 79B.C., from Papia, in the Roman Empire. The face of this coin depicts the head of Juno . The back of the coin shows a griffon in flight. This coin was referred to as a Silver Denarius. The coin is set in a solid sterling bezel, and comes on a 26 inch silver cuban link chain. This is a one of a kind authentic silver coin!

Among other identities, she was known to many as Juno Sospita, the chief deity of Lanuvium, a city located in Latium southeast of Rome. She was the protector of one in confinement, often pictured wearing a goatskin, carrying a spear and shield. She was Juno Lucina, a word meaning light, the goddess of childbirth.