Ancient Coin Pendant (Romulus and Remus 306-324 A.D.)
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Ancient Coin Pendant (Romulus and Remus 306-324 A.D.)

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This authentic ancient coin dates back from 306-324A.D., from the Roman Empire. The coin comes on a 24 inch oxidized silver chain. This is a one of a kind authentic brass coin!

By circa 330 A.D., Constantine the Great completed his new capital for the Roman empire and called it Constantinople after himself, originally the ancient Greek city named Byzantium. Constantinople lay in a strategically imporant location and could be considered the continuation of the Roman empire in the east until about 1453 A.D. when it fell to the Ottoman Turks. For this momentous occasion, he issued two coin types commemorating this event, with one celebrating Rome and the other Constantinople. The type that commemorated Rome had the personification of Rome, Roma with the inscription VRBS ROMA and the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus on the reverse suckling the mythical she-wolf. The type that commemorated Constantinople had the personification of Constantinople on the obverse and Victory on a galley sailing with a shield. This was a great way for Constantine the Great to pay homage to both Rome and Constantinople as now the Roman empire had two official capitals.