Ancient Coin Pendant (Widows Mite 103-76B.C.)
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Ancient Coin Pendant (Widows Mite 103-76B.C.)

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This ancient widows mite, was a jewish currency used during the time Jesus roamed the earth. When issued, these were the smallest coins circulating in Jerusalem. This coin is hand bezel set in sterling silver, and measures 11x14mm. This necklace hangs on an oxidized 22 inch black oxidzed silver chain.

  • In Mark 12:41-44, Jesus tells the rich men of the temple that though they gave of their wealth, the widow gave her only two mites – a true gift of the heart.
  • Struck in bronze by Alexander Jannaeus and other Maccabean Kings
  • Obverse features an anchor within a circle, and the king's name
  • Reverse depicts an 8-rayed star